Sunday, November 9, 2008

What am I doing?

I just returned from a weekend in Galena, Illinois with 18 people, kicking off the Affirmation Program for this year. Affirmation is what we do at our church instead of Confirmation. Since the church I attend is non-denominational, progressive, verging on emerging at times, and basically the kind of place that likes to do things differently, we don't have Confirmation classes. We have Affirmation. And they let me plan it and lead it.

Which is great. Wonderful. Scary. Hard. And it is not my day job. So it's a lot. But it's worth it. Mostly. I think. Most of the time. Though right now I'm exhausted from an intensive weekend away with 8 eighth graders and their adult mentors. And asking myself, what was I thinking? And what am I doing?

This is my second year heading up the program and I thought I'd try to write about it. Thus this blog. Too tired to write more tonight. But more will come. I think. I hope.

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